Lausanne / Switzerland

Located in a trendy neighbourhood in the centre of Lausanne surrounded by restaurants, real estate and architectural anchors – pushing us to highlight our creative assets into something very subtle and elegant.

Possessing two main entrances, one via a storefront showcase and another more conventional entrance, like you would find to any office building. We wanted to capitalise on these two opportunities to develop an interesting space and concept. The primary entrance highlights the name Adeli against a wall placed against a ‘crooked’ illumination with dynamic lines and LEDs integrated into the wall. Other lines of light are distributed between the floors and the ceiling, creating a void of space and giving a real depth to the piece. Ultimately, we wanted to showcase the luxury boutique brand in a way that highlights the name more than the product.

When the customers arrive in a space that resembles a mini salon by design – which we will fill with our own furniture designs in the future – surrounded by a display of some key projects that we are showcasing in a rather niche way, as if presented like paintings in a museum.

We embraced the large windows, which offer plenty of natural light, in the back of the arcade, where we placed my office and the staff space. In this area we have dotted objects or furniture designs or books and catalogues that we like to use and draw inspiration from.” More than anything, the office is keen to break tradition, feeling very much like a monument to Adeli’s work and talent rather than, merely, a working space.

In resmue, we call this office Adeli’s Space’ rather than Adeli’s Office!