Geneva / Switzerland

The « Tech Café » project has been conceived as respectful as possible of the UNHCR specifications whilst also bearing a totally CREATIVE AND CUSTOMIZED concept in mind.
The available space has been divided into two parts:
Zone 1: Discovery & Waiting Area
Zone 2: Reception & Work Area


The Reception and Work area has been divided into two parts by a custom-made reception desk in wood with an organic, original shape that allows you to put a computer station on it, with a storage drawer under the screen.

To the right of the reception desk, four tables (each designed with the seat integrated into the shape of the table) with four stools have been tailor-made to place 1-2 people per table, especially for visitors wishing to work on site. These tables can also be placed next to each other to create a larger group table.

To the left of the reception desk, 4 « desks » have been placed for 4 employees working within UNHCR, each having their table with auxiliary lamp + box with wheels for each station.